Love is perhaps the single most meaningful word in the English language.  It is at the same time ambiguous and direct.  It is overused and abused, but it will never lose meaning to those who feel it.  It it a word that cannot die.  To tell someone you love them has enormous implications, no matter what the context.  I can’t help but feel that it very often needs clarifying, but at the same time telling someone you love them speaks for itself.  I’ve asked myself why we don’t have different words for the different forms of love, but then I realized.  I realized it’s because the different forms of love are not quantifiable.  No two forms of love are quite the same – love is unique to each and every person involved.  It is frustrating and wonderful in the same breath.  People will ask “who do you love more?”  That is an impossible question to answer.  There are only different loves – there are no comparable loves.  It is impossible to love two people the exact same way, because love is based on the person for whom it is felt.  To love someone is to understand who they are, what they care about, the mistakes they make and the dreams they pursue, and to accept all this and care about them for it.  To love someone is to love where they have been and where they are going.  It is to know why they smile and why they cry.  It is to wish you could take their pain away and share your happiness with them.  Love is so deeply based on the person whom you love, so how could anyone possibly compare two loves?  For that matter, why would you want to?  Love is not something to be quantified and calculated.  Love is meant to give joy and meaning to life.  Love is what makes waking up worthwhile.  Love should be felt, not weighed; it should be enjoyed, not counted.  For that matter, don’t focus on romantic love and neglect what other love can do for you.  The love of and for your friends and family can be amazing, invigorating, and inspiring.  Take time to bask in the warmth of all love.  Think about each and every person whom you love, and why you do so.  I guarantee it’ll brighten your day.


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